Nu Pharma Engineers & Consultant Blog Latest Products Tue, 26 Sep 2023 19:01:35 +0530 en-us Tips for Choosing the Right Manufacturing Plant for making Ointments Wed, 18 Sep 2019 10:57:45 +0530 If you are looking at bringing in a new ointment manufacturing plant supplier Gujarat, there is so much that you would need to think about and consider. Not only would you need to think about their experience levels, but also how long they are going to take to get the work done. Here are some more of the top criteria that you would need to think about before you make any decision about the company you are going to hire.   Tips for Picking the best ointment manufacturing plant Manufacturer   Ensure that if you are looking to hire a new ointment manufacturing plant supplier in India that you are heading over there for a look at the location. There are a few criteria that one would need to consider before you can make the final decision, including:   • Experience – Think about how many years the company has been doing the type of work that you need to be done since you want someone who has been in this industry for a long time. Ensure that you are asking them when they opened their business and what types of products they have created.   • Earlier Projects – You should always ask any ointment manufacturing plant supplier in India about their earlier projects. Find out what products they were part of making and which companies they worked with so that you can get referrals that you can contact. This is important because then you can see the quality of the work at the same time.   • Price – Also, you would need to find out how much they are going to charge you for the work, but before you can decide if the price is fair you need to get some more estimates. Getting more than one estimate is the best way to find a company that can give you the work that you need to be done at the right price point.   • Recommendations And Reviews – The final thing that you should always be checking out when you are looking to hire any new company is the reviews and recommendations. If you know others who have had this work done by the experts, then you should ask them who they suggest. Also, check out the reviews of the company online and see what people are saying about the results.   You need to make sure that if you are searching for someone to help you put your product together that you are looking for the right expert. These tips are just a few of the top ones that would help make your decision easier.   There is so much that comes along with deciding which of the many ointment manufacturing plant options you should go with. This means that you need to think about what you need to have done and what the budget is that you want to spend, which would help you to decide which estimate is ideal. Also, you want to think about the experience level of the companies you are interviewing along with what other products they have been associated with. The reviews and recommendations from others who have had this work done are also important things to check out and be aware of. Features Of The Planetary Mixer Machine Tue, 12 Nov 2019 11:46:36 +0530 A planetary mixer is considered as an ideal industrial equipment which is specifically used for conceiving or preparing various food-based, chemical, ceramic dough, and other such products. It acts as an amazing alternative to tedious manual labour. The mechanical system of these mixers allows the user to produce large quantities of dough properly continuously. The mixer unit comprises of several units which can be classified as:   • A clean and good quality bowl in which tube ingredient is to be placed • The mixing element. The tool for initiating the mixtures can be either a whisk, flat beater, scraper, hook, or any other such items • A good quality motor which helps the bowl and the whisk to start with the movement • The interconnection of the technological process which allows the operator to control the rubber mixing process and other such labour process for proper maintenance   The name planetary mixer originates from the system, which is used for the equipment, which helps to mix the dough in the rotational direction of the planets. The planetary mixers are ideal for producing the cake and pastry products like emulsions, creams, batter, and other such desserts.   As these food items require a large, fast, and powerful rotational speed and movements, these planetary mixers sold by the planetary mixer supplier Gujarat are largely preferred. These mixing units are easy to use and can be used over and over again without any additional provisions.   Types of Planetary Mixers   There are various types of planetary mixtures available in the market. Most of these mixers include extended equipment set, which makes it an ideal choice for large scales as well as small scale bakery and pastry product manufacturing units.   Apart from these places, the planetary mixers are also used in the field of catering, hospitality, and even in other chemical and agro products based industries. In most cases, the equipment is made out of good standard stainless steel metal for a better quality product. As per the planetary mixer manufacturer in Ahmedabad, these planetary mixers are available in two types, namely, the mixers with a single blade and mixers with double blades. Both these mixers are used in various fields for dealing with different kinds of mixing problems. Most of these mixers are specially designed for intensive mixing processes, systematic dispersion, and for kneading a variety of products like adhesives, sealants, light caulks, coatings, granulation, and other such products having a different level of viscosity.   Things to Check When Buying A Mixer   These mixers are based entirely on the principle of rotation of these planetary blades present on their axis. These blades rotate in the centre of the bowl, which allows the complete and effective mixing of the raw materials. However, while choosing for a quality mixer from the planetary mixer supplier, you need to ensure its blade size and number, the quality of the product, and the application for which it is ideal. Based on your requirements, you can then select the most suitable planetary mixer for personal use. The small planetary mixers can be easily placed on the countertop while the largest ones require a proper space on the floor for standing. The Many Benefits Of A Pin Mill Mon, 24 Feb 2020 14:37:57 +0530 Pill mill is a simple and inexpensive way of sizing, grinding, de-agglomerating and homogenizing. It is ideal for several ranges of the fold, pharmaceutical z chemical, mineral, nutraceutical and agricultural products. This also includes eggs, insects, larvae in flour applications in ranges if tight sizes from coarse to 400 mesh.   The pill mill is also categorised further as a disc mill which is a kind of milling equipment that can break up cellular materials selectively with causing damage to the starch granules. It consists of two vertical projections and horizontal steel plates arranged together in a concentric circle on opposing faces and becoming more closely spaced at the periphery.   Pin mill manufacturer Gujarat produces machines that reduce the bulk material into the narrow particle size without any help of hammers, screens, rolls or knife. They use a series of pin breakers that are attached to the discs instead of a hammer in the head of the rotating grinding to a hive high energy between particles and the mill.   Traditionally it is employed to disintegrate starch protein bond which exists in the material and produce of fine flour.   The particle size that is produced by the pun mill is determined by the following factors.   • Distribution of the pins • Rotor tip speed • The gas flow rate through the mills • Physical properties of the materials of the fed • Materials solid feed rate   The Working Principle Of Pin Mill   The grinding action of the Pin Mill is achieved by impacting the merchandise particles with a series of hardened steel pins. The fabric to be ground is mechanically or pneumatically conveyed from the Pin Rotor to the hopper where the break-up of the fabric occurs. The merchandise enters through the attention of the machine then passes through rows of pins rotating at high speed between stationary pins. The merchandise particles are shattered into fragments as they progress towards the outlet. This action creates a lover effect and a high volume of air is drawn through with the merchandise, keeping it cool. The machine’s grinding action is often controlled by altering the feed rate to the machine and therefore the speed of the rotor.   What Are The Advantages Of Pin Mill   There are several benefits of pin mill. Some are as follows: • Pill mill is compact and this takes small floor space. • Recent advances have shown that improved heat removal from the mill is possible using the cryogenic conditions. • It is durable and has a long life • It has a wide range of applications and can be used for moist, dry or slurry material drilling. • It achieves small particle size and is better than the hammer mill as it uses a less and reasonable amount of energy. • It has great operating efficiency, high capacity and low energy consumption compared to another mill.   Pin mill supplier India provides you with the best quality pin mill that includes all the advantages mentioned above. Therefore get hold of a trustable manufacturer and supplier and get the best pill mill. Things To Know About Octagonal Blenders? Wed, 13 May 2020 15:42:21 +0530 Mixing liquids, powder, semi-solids, and different products is a very difficult and critical job to do in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and dye company. The process helps to have a random and uniform arrangement of elements in the product that is given. Some various blenders and mixers have developed recently and are applied widely. The general blenders that are used widely are double cone, octagonal cone, bin, and V blenders. On the other hand, typical mixers include plenary and mass types.     Quality And Process Aspects   The different kinds of machine that is used should make sure that the products are combined well enough. This usually depends on the particle size, material, the shape, and also the cohesion property of the particle. By rotating the whole container, the tumble blending is thus achieved and this creates a bulk shear and transport.   What Is Octagonal Blending Machine?   The octagonal blender is one kind of blender that is quite helpful in blending products in a company or industry. They are very helpful and have several advantages like high-efficiency blending uses limited space and mixes quite fast compared to the other machines. Construction Of The Machine   The equipment heart has an outer body which is an octagon. The Central portion of the machine is rectangle and top and the bottom of the machine is a polygonal frustum. At the end of the machine, it has the support of bearings and the drive shaft rotates with the help of the gearbox electric motor. The machine and its shape allow the users manual or automatic unloading and loading of the materials and products. Octagonal Blender Manufacturer design it this way so that the maximum work can be done.   Why Use Octagonal Blending Machines?   This machine has several applications in pharmaceutical companies such as blending, homogenising, and lubricating the tablets. The cone machine and the double cone machine usually take too much space and mixes products in small amounts at one time. This machine, on the other hand, uses very little space and the three-quarter of the total volume of the machine is generally filled to make sure that there is a high mixing operation. Octagonal Blender Supplier in India provides you with the best machines that you can use in your industry.   The shape of the machine and the slow speed helps in a better lubrication of the tablets and the granules. In the case of the powders and the baffles which can be removed allow efficient and fast mixing. The structure of the machine ensures that the crystals, granules, and other materials come from different sides and thus this engages the homogenization and lubrication.   In higher production centres of pharmaceuticals and for the production of sensitive drugs, you can add the bin loading system and remove the products in a dust-free and contact free environment. Both manual and automatic loading is possible in a butterfly valve as the valve can be actuated pneumatic control and using hands.   Octagonal Blender Supplier in Gujarat has the best machines for you. Choose the one that suits you the best.