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The Many Benefits Of A Pin Mill

Posted by Admin on February, 24, 2020

Pill mill is a simple and inexpensive way of sizing, grinding, de-agglomerating and homogenizing. It is ideal for several ranges of the fold, pharmaceutical z chemical, mineral, nutraceutical and agricultural products. This also includes eggs, insects, larvae in flour applications in ranges if tight sizes from coarse to 400 mesh.

The pill mill is also categorised further as a disc mill which is a kind of milling equipment that can break up cellular materials selectively with causing damage to the starch granules. It consists of two vertical projections and horizontal steel plates arranged together in a concentric circle on opposing faces and becoming more closely spaced at the periphery.

Pin mill manufacturer Gujarat produces machines that reduce the bulk material into the narrow particle size without any help of hammers, screens, rolls or knife. They use a series of pin breakers that are attached to the discs instead of a hammer in the head of the rotating grinding to a hive high energy between particles and the mill.

Traditionally it is employed to disintegrate starch protein bond which exists in the material and produce of fine flour.

The particle size that is produced by the pun mill is determined by the following factors.

• Distribution of the pins

• Rotor tip speed

• The gas flow rate through the mills

• Physical properties of the materials of the fed

• Materials solid feed rate

The Working Principle Of Pin Mill

The grinding action of the Pin Mill is achieved by impacting the merchandise particles with a series of hardened steel pins. The fabric to be ground is mechanically or pneumatically conveyed from the Pin Rotor to the hopper where the break-up of the fabric occurs. The merchandise enters through the attention of the machine then passes through rows of pins rotating at high speed between stationary pins.

The merchandise particles are shattered into fragments as they progress towards the outlet. This action creates a lover effect and a high volume of air is drawn through with the merchandise, keeping it cool. The machine’s grinding action is often controlled by altering the feed rate to the machine and therefore the speed of the rotor.

What Are The Advantages Of Pin Mill

There are several benefits of pin mill. Some are as follows:

• Pill mill is compact and this takes small floor space.

• Recent advances have shown that improved heat removal from the mill is possible using the cryogenic conditions.

• It is durable and has a long life

• It has a wide range of applications and can be used for moist, dry or slurry material drilling.

• It achieves small particle size and is better than the hammer mill as it uses a less and reasonable amount of energy.

• It has great operating efficiency, high capacity and low energy consumption compared to another mill.

Pin mill supplier India provides you with the best quality pin mill that includes all the advantages mentioned above. Therefore get hold of a trustable manufacturer and supplier and get the best pill mill.

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